hover on an element to change another


Can't make it work, I trying to change the style of prevProject & nextProject (text: prev / next) while hover on Proj name1 / Proj name2.

I could do this part, please see the demo.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/h2P34/1/

<div id="project-navigation">

        <li id="prevProject" class="subtitle">
            <a href="#"><p>prev</p></a>
            <a id="prev_target_title">Proj name1</a>

        <li id="nextProject" class="subtitle">
            <a href="#"><p>next</p></a>
            <a id="next_target_title">Proj name2</a>

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This can't be done in CSS. Your code #prev_target_title:hover ~ #project-navigation ul li#prevProject p will not work because tilde (~) is a general sibling selector. The browser is looking for #project-navigation that follows anywhere after the #prev_target_title when the latter is in the hovered state.

In CSS you cannot select previous siblings and you cannot select parents. The way to solve it is to place prev/next after the project name in the HTML code and then make their order visually different using CSS. Then, you can highlight prev when the project name is hovered.

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I would do something like

    $("#prevProject a p").css("color","red");

    $("#prevProject a p").css('color','black');

But I would also use class names instead of ids

//changing color to red
    $(this).parent().find("a p").css("color","red");

//changing it back to black
    $(this).parent().find("a p").css("color","black");

We're using Jquery here, you can't do this with simple css.

Check this fiddle, I hope it helps http://jsfiddle.net/rqg87/

As Jason points out, hover takes 2 arguments - mouseenter and mouseleave... so:

    function(){ $(this).parent().find("a p").css("color","red"); },
    function(){ $(this).parent().find("a p").css("color","black");}

Optimized solution would be: http://jsfiddle.net/P7Zbz/

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