over write the parent style


I have multiple h1 tags. Since I have written style for parent h1, same style is applying to the another h1 which has its own parent.

This is the new parent div inside the main parent. I need to change the style of this h1.

<div class="company_details">
                <h1>New H1 title here</h1>
                <a href="#">www.julysystems.com</a>

And this is the css written for he above h1 and it is not applying

<!--Company Details-->
#accordion div > div.company_details h1{
    font-size:50px !important;

Here is the CODE FIDDLE

Problem courtesy of: Sowmya


You have a HTML comment in the middle of the style sheet:

<!--Company Details-->

Remove that, and it works. You don't even need the !important.

To put a comment in CSS, you use /* and */:

/* Company Details */
Solution courtesy of: Guffa


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