Break string into chars and attach sounds to each char using JavaScript / jQuery


I have have a string stored in a MySQL database.

I want to pull the string from the database, break it into char elements and attach sound files to each letter. The letters will be displayed in a web page and when clicked, will play a sound which represents that letter.

I have tried using the .split() function, but have not had much success. Has anyone seen anything similar to this or does anyone have any suggestions?

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var char = [],
    str, // your string
    len = str.length
for (i = 0; i < len ; i++){
    char[i] = str.charAt(i);

// now you have an array of characters

// setup event handlers for the click action

// setup audio output
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To pull of the split its relatively simple, you can use traditional JS, or jQuery, all you need to do is plug in your markup generation to the below.

var str = "No clue what you are trying";
for (var x = 0; x < str.length; x++){
    var myC = str.charAt(x);
    //or var myC = str[x];
    //what do you want to do?

//jQuery overkill
    function( idx, myC ){
        //what do you want to do?
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If I look here

Sound effects in JavaScript / HTML5

you can try

var chars = "<? echo $string; ?>".split("");
var sounds = [];
$.each(chars,function(i,char) {

  if (!sounds[char]) sounds[char] = new Audio(char+".wav"); // buffers automatically when created
  $("#container").append('<a href="#" onclick="sounds[this.innerHTML].play();return false">'+char+'</a>');
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