Has border-*-image been removed from the CSS Backgrounds and Borders module?


Can't seem to find any reference to these properties in the latest version of the CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3:

  • border-top-image, border-right-image, border-bottom-image, border-left-image
  • border-top-left-image , border-top-right-image, border-bottom-right-image, border-bottom-left-image
  • border-corner-image

The last reference I could find to these properties is in W3C Working Draft 7 November 2002. If these properties are removed, does that mean browsers will stop supporting them, which means I should stop using them?

Problem courtesy of: charles


Correct, these properties have been removed and are replaced by border-image. border-image combines the 4 sides, 4 corners and background image into a single file, which is great for reducing HTTP requests.

Browsers may stop supporting them eventually; it's difficult to predict what each browser vendor will do in the future. The best practice is certainly to stick to properties which are in the specification, so if it were me, I'd make the upgrades.

Solution courtesy of: KatieK


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