Android won't show box-shadow with 0px blur?


Is there an issue with Android's browser showing solid(no-blur) shadows?

box-shadow: 0 0 0px 5px #fff;

Renders link this in Android compared to Chome, iPhone or blackberry?

box-shadow on Android

You can fine the full CSS here:
My Android is 2.2.1 if you could have a look on your Android and let me know what you see?

Problem courtesy of: Owen


This is a known bug with the Android browser - it's very irritating. Your only option is to use blur radius of 1px or above.

Check out the bug report at

One commenter there said they got around it by using 0.1f as a value - this didn't work for me when I last tried it - only 1px or above worked.

Solution courtesy of: Ben Clayton


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