CSS styled scrollbars support for safari mobile on iOS 6 disappeared?


I'm having a problem, probably because of Apple and I can't find information about it.

Yesterday I skinned a website's scrollbars with webkit css properties (-webkit-scrollbar, -webkit-scrollbar-track, -webkit-scrollbar-thumb) so it displays nicely on iPads. Everything was fine looking and scrolling with native behaviour.

Suddenly this morning, after updating my iPad to iOS6, my custom scrollbars disappeared.

This is a big bummer for me and of course there is no information about this on Apple's developper website.

Anyone has experienced the same problem? Can you confirm the problem?

Are some new specs coming or did Apple just stop supporting this???

Problem courtesy of: Armel Larcier


For a unreleased (AFAIK) reason, Apple removed some of the webkit prefixed CSS properties. This includes the -webkit-scrollbar group.

Solution courtesy of: Mooseman


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