How can I parse for keyboard characters and display their graphical equivalent?


I'm working on a software development QA project. I'd like to achieve key styling result for ex( alt ) like SO does it. Is there any plug-in that parses text and finds all keys, replaces with key images / or with css3?

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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I don't know of a plugin to do that, but you can easily create your own. The following plugin adds kbd tags just like in Alvin Wong's example. Note that this is quite a naive approach and you might get unwanted markup.

    // List of keys
    var keys = ["ctrl", "alt", "esc", "del", "end", "num"];

    $.fn.keys = function(){
            // Split text into words and remove line breaks
            var text = $(this).html().replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/gm, "").split(" ");

            // Compare every word to every key
            for (var i = 0; i < text.length; ++i) {
                for (j in keys) {
                    if (text[i].toLowerCase() == keys[j]) {
                        text[i] = "<kbd>" + text[i] + "</kbd>";

            $(this).html(text.join(" "));

You can then add arbitrary style in your CSS stylesheet. See SO's stylesheet for some inspiration... ;)

kbd {
    /* ... */

Test it here:

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