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Extend background gradient across body without background-attachment: fixed

I want to have a background gradient, e.g.

background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3), rgba(2, 126, 174, 0.9))

on the body of my document which extends across the entire height of the body - and scrolls with the...

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Is it possible to bring options of <select> tag above it

In HTML <select> tag, drop-down div (of options) appear below the <select> tag by default. Is it at all possible of bringing options of <select> tag above it?

Currently I am creating another div on click but that's not the real solution.

I was...

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Replace dynamic content with images and other stuff

I'm struggling on how to style in the best way possible this kind of code:

<td><div data-source="lightstreamer" data-field="yellow-cards">-</div></td>

The data-source node will be dynamically deeded with content (i.e. 1, 2..) but I have to show an...

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different styles on homepage and posts wordpress

I am a newbie in design/dev but want to learn fast. Its a Wordpress site, I cant figure out how to style homepage and posts differently. When i change settings in the theme options, it changes everything uniformly. Here is the site: ...

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transform:rotate 5deg on menu distorts the text

I have the simple code for menu

<nav class="top-menu">
        <li class="glavnaja">Главная</li>
        <li class="last-li">Форум</li>

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Toggle CSS transitions on and off with JavaScript


I've got a situation in which I'm using CSS transforms/transitions to animate the horizontal position of a div element. Specifically, I'm using...

// in CSS
myDiv {
    transition: transform 0.4s ease-in;

// in JavaScript, where "div"...

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Make text overflow horizontally into column

So I have a webpage with text that is not allowed to scroll vertically.

This means that when text overflows I need it to overflow horizontally. What I am trying to do is separate it into columns. Basically, as the section of text gets too tall for...

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Vertical align bottom for a link inside a table cell

Is it possible to push a link to the bottom of it's table cell without knowing the height of the table cell? Here's a fiddle I set up illustrating the problem: I'd like the link with the red background to be aligned to the...

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Image css max width without distort

Goody, Would like to know how can i stretch the image to fit the width, without distort the height? maybe display the center part of the image only? This is the website:

and the portion of...

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CSS3 transition effect with onclick

I am working my way through CSS3 and kinda stuck at one problem.

The issue is as follows :

I have an image that is initially position at left-side of the screen :

.box img{

Now, on hover, when I want the...

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Datepicker jquery ui-datepicker-trigger

I need to add two calendar jQuery objects to the html page. I have the below setting for date picker. Have an icon image for opening the calendar object. For absolute positioning the icon image doing the below css ui-datepicker-trigger override. If...

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How to create horizontal menu in fixed sized div with one link wider than the others

So my problem is this - I have a div with fixed size of 970px. Inside it I want to create a horizontal menu where the first element will be a link to the home page with the logo of the company and the others will be standard links to different parts...

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border spacing property doesn't work

I am trying to make the following table: table

I have an outer border and one border at the bottom. I got it all right ,my only problem is that I can't get the space between the outer border and table (space of 20 px) when I use border-spacing it doesn't...

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Average / most popular screen size and bootstrap3

If the average / most popular screen size width is now more than 1366px, why is bootstrap widest container (from their CDN) at max-width:1170px?

.container {
    max-width: 1170px;

Should I not believe everything I read?

This is from many...

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Stacking and curves in pure-CSS logos

How could one create arbitrary curves with just pure CSS? Is there a 'Bezier' library? I didn't find anything that could match the curve of the outer edge of the logo below.

Sample Logo

Looking at the the Shapes of CSS, I think the logo could be approximated...

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show an image partially without canvas without frame or without plugin

I have this img, and a box div around it.

1) I want when the image is in its big size, only the part of image (250x150), without creating a white overlay over it. I put a #box1 div around the image and it can't limit the...

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Unicode down triangle doesn't show up in IE9

I'd like to include a down triangle in my CSS dropdown menu. It works correctly in every browser, except for IE9.

In normal browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.) it looks like this way:

However in IE9 it shows up like this:

The CSS...

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How to scale and translate3d at the same time?

Take this example:

@-webkit-keyframes slideInViewport {
        -webkit-transform: scale(1);
        -webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);
        -webkit-transform: scale(0.8);
        -webkit-transform: translate3d(250px,...

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javascript display and hide div element

I am new to Javascript, and I currently have an article that is being fetched from database, the article has two rows. title & content there are about 100 of these in my database. Now the objective is to list all the titles first, and when a user...

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css - borders overlap each other

I am having a problem. My bottom border is "overlapping" my right border on the same element.

This is how it looks like:

As you can see, the green right borders bottom, is looking messed up, because of the...

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301 redirect within the same domain/website

The standard redirect 301 template for htaccess is usually:

redirect 301 /folder_wrong/name.html

With the http website included

I'm wondering if the below would work WITHOUT the http website and only having...

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CSS3 / Transition / change font color on grand-grand-grand parent over

I'm toying around with the CSS3 transition. I hope my question won't be too much noob and realistic :) Basically, whenever users mouse over some elements, I changed via css the color of the text.

Now the problem I have is that : I have a div box with...

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CSS3 transform: rotateY breaks left half of the flipped layout

Live demo of the problem

I created 6 red blocks, binded a click listener (with a function that alerts the clicked box's id) to all of them, then applied -webkit-transform: rotateY(180deg);. Now the right half of the boxes are alerting the correct id...

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Sticking ul to bottom of a div

I have this div (8 of them in one page ) that have an unknown height (the height change according to the data injection), I need to "stick" it to the bottom of the div. But it's not working out.


    .menuItem {
    width: 45%;

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How to fix the headline row in a table using css?

I made a table with no borders in the columns, and I gave 1px border only in the rows.

I have used the 'border collapsed' property and then I have given all the rows a border of 1 px.

However my problem is that the row of the headlines is a bit...

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