Image on the top of a multi-column layout with CSS


I have a two column layout (using the CSS3 multi column module) and I'd like to have an image at the top of the second column.

It seems like I have to place the image myself so that it's in the place in the text where the break will be.

The problem is I want the columns to be evenly filled as well.

Is there any way to solve this without javascript?

Here is a an example:

        <style type="text/css">
            .col-2 {

            .block {
        <div class="col-2">
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            <div class="block"></div>

This uses a div instead of an image but the idea is to place the red block at the top of it's column.

Problem courtesy of: Nicklas Ansman


The CSS3 spec has a "column-break" style, but it has only been implemented in Webkit. It would do exactly what you are looking for, but only in Safari and Chrome sadly.

You would need to have your column breaking element fall within the normal flow of your content, and add the following style:

div.block {
  width: 100px; /* this shouldn't be more than your column width */
  height: 100px;
  -webkit-column-break-before: always;

Example (View in Safari/Chrome)

Solution courtesy of: hellslam


You can wrap the two divs in another div and have the .block div before the .col-2 div in your markup.

Example for you here.

Discussion courtesy of: Kyle

If I understand what you are trying to do (make the div or image span the full with of all the columns) the way to do this with CSS is to specify column-span: all; on the element (img or div) you want to span across the full width. This is currently only supported in Opera however, and only in an internal build (hopefully we will have a public release with it included soon).

Without using column-span you will have to rely on script or move the mark up to be outside of the element you apply column-count on.

Discussion courtesy of: David Storey

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