Twitter Bootstrap : logo on top of navbar ?


Im using twitter bootstrap and really enjoy it as im not used to do webpages. Have a question though, i have a round logo and i would like to place it on top of a navbar - like shown on the image.

I can add an image inside the navbar, but as shown here i somehow want to put it on top of the navbar where as the logo will be larger than the navbar and look like on the picture.

Basically i would like to have a large circle (the logo) where the navbar will go through it in the middle with the logo on top.

can this be done ? thanks

edit : cant post pictures :(

Problem courtesy of: thorios


Hard to say what you want exactly without having the image, but here is a guess: Add the logo inside the block of your navbar and then, to your CSS file, set your image to have position: absolute and adjust the position by using, for instance, left and top.

Solution courtesy of: DanielX2010


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