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Remove style from prev/next element when hovering on element


When mouse is over on a LI, the top/bottom border of the LI becomes transparent (replaced by background-color).

But also the bottom-border of the previous LI and the top-border of the next LI must be transparent...

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Persistent CSS3 transition effect on graphic Button

I am kinda new to web development, and I would like to create a graphic button with a highlight pulsed effect, let me explain :

The button is built with 2 layers, the first is the default state always displayed, and the second layer is the...

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CSS Mediaqueries: Defining font-face inside a certain min to max range - is this font loaded outside?

Probably a weird question and after your answers I might be ashamed for asking this.

I have a specific font embedded on my website (via @font-face) this font is used for a section that is only visible on wider resolutions (desktops). On Smartphones...

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Put a line beside my text by css

I want to put a line beside my text Like THIS

----- Hello WOrld -----

the line should be continued and BOLD and align side middle wise And RED

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Media=All vs Media=Screen

It seems like recently I have seen many more people starting to use media="all" vs media="screen" in their stylesheets.

My question is when should I use media="all" over media="screen" and vice versa?

Note: I am using HTML5 Doctype if that makes a...

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Dynamic Height Element in a sidebar under a Fixed Height Element

I have a fluid CSS layout for a user application. The goal is that the large content area (white) and the dark blue #notiarea will expand to fill the client desktop. The goal would be to have the #notiarea expand to fill the rest of the user...

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How can I get a CSS3 border radius only on the top of my element?

Hi, I'm using this code for a CSS3 Border Radius, how can I adapt it so that I only get a border radius on top?

border-radius: 15px;
-moz-border-radius: 15px;
-webkit-border-radius: 15px;

Thank you.

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cannot hide div out of viewport

I want to hide my absolute positioned div out of viewport when viewport is less than 960px. Here's the css for div and media query with rule of hiding:

@media all and (max-width: 960px) {



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How Do I Get Started on the Legacy 1.2.0.RC4 TideSDK?

I have downloaded the legacy 1.2.0.RC4 from the What do I do with it following the download. How do I get started?

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CSS3 inputs like the iPad Facebook app

I'm currently trying to create a login page with the exact same input boxes which appear on the login screen on the Facebook app for iPad, however, I'm having no luck. I'm trying to do this using CSS3. I've attached an image for reference - Many...

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Tint image using CSS without overlay

Is it possible to tint an image with a specific color using CSS without an overlay in a WebKit browser?

Failed attempts

  • Managed to tint the image sepia or an arbitrary color using hue-rotate but couldn't find a way to tint it with a specific...

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Which one is a resource efficient approach : CSS3 Stylesheet or Canvas API for a HTML5 app to be ported as Blackberry Webworks

I'm developing a Math-based game/app using HTML5 technologies (HTML5 + CSS3 + javascript) for the upcoming Blackberry 10 Devices, to be ported using Blackberry WebWorks.

The game requires generation of lots of random numbers. I'm currently generating...

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color a background image with css3

is it possible to color a grayscale background image using css3?

It is for an icon. I want it to be blue.

input[name=email] { background-image: url(/static/images/icons/glyphicons_010_envelope.png); background-size: 16px auto; background-position:...

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Is it ok to copy css from different sites?

Is it ok to copy css from different sites ?

I mean say I have copied navigation menu css from one site, sidebar css from other, button css from another, footer from another and so on...

Could I get in legal trouble for such kind of copying...

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Height of parent div is zero even if it has child with finite heights

I have a website whose layout has been shown in the diagram. The body consists of a main container, which comprises of header, parent div and footer. The parent div further contains several child div as shown.

Webpage Layout

The problem being height of all the...

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Define multiple transition-property in CSS

When setting transition-property to all, it looks bad when zooming inside the browser window, because width and height properties are also being transitioned. When I only want background and color, I need to define it multi line,...

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CSS 3D Transforms

I'm trying to create a 3D transform effect where a <div> folds into an airplane and flies off the screen.

To achieve this, I'm now creating multiple <div> elements - one for each fold - and then applying CSS 3D transformations to each one to...

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css - dynamic width horizontal lists

I'm trying to build a horizontal list based menu. In this menu, the two left floated menu links are fixed width, while the remaining menu links are floated right.

The issue is I'd like the two fixed width links to stay as is, however the floated...

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Dynamically assigning border radius to the li first-child in Javascript

I am trying to create a navigation bar with rounded corners for the first and last children (using an unordered list). I want to use the onclick javascript function and dynamically assign rounded corners within javascript. Here is my code which I...

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W3 CSS Validation | Value error for gradients

While using the W3 CSS validator i get this error

Value Error : background linear-gradient(top,#fefefe,#dddddd) is not a background-color value : linear-gradient(top,#fefefe,#dddddd)

for this line:

  background:  linear-gradient(top, #fefefe,...

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overlap when using css3 transform, any way to prevent this

Here is my jsfiddle

notice how when you click to rotate the larger container overlaps the smaller one.

this is problematic because im trying to create a picture gallery of sorts where you can click to rotate and enlarge...

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skew div with click ondivision

i have a div that it has image content i wanna skew it when user click on div or image with delay .i use follow code but it dose not work. what is solution ? thanks

  $(function () {
        $('#hd').bind('mousedown', function () {

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CSS3 scale not working

I am very new to web development and I can't seem to be able to scale my text. I've tried to look up how but my search has always come up empty.

#top-nav {
    background: #94b3c8;
    text-align: cemter;

#top-nav dt {
    display: inline-block;

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Hover off on font-size and background-size

I am trying to realise a nice Hover Off effect using CSS. There is a pretty good example here, but I can't reproduce this with the properties background-size and font-size.

The effect is simply to zoom in the image and the text on mouse over and come...

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CSS3 animation-fill-mode polyfill


Let's pretend that a div is animated from opacity:0; to opacity:1; and i want to keep opacity:1; after the animation ends.

That's what animation-fill-mode:forwards; does.

@keyframes myAnimation {
    from { opacity:0; }
    to { opacity:1;...

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