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box-orient in both direction?

What I am trying to do here is to make the <div>s (9 in my demo) to arrange like δΊ• (a 3x3 grid). My approach is to use the flexible box layout to make them spread evenly across the whole area.

<div id="container">

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Is there a standard CSS selector similar to :eq() in jQuery?

I don't know if there is a CSS selector can do the same as the line below (jQuery code):

.tab_cadre_central .top:eq(0) table tbody tr td table tbody tr:eq(3)

I have tried in CSS something like this:

.tab_cadre_central .top::nth-child(0) table...

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Show or hide button text responsively in jQuery Mobile

I have a jQuery Mobile site with some buttons. I want to show some text on the right side of the button if and when the viewport is 640 pixels or wider and hide the text otherwise.

I know about the iconpos option/data-attribute that is meant for that...

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Issue with background blending with shadow with CSS

I am trying to make an element with text that is basically a radial gradient. I thought I could do this by taking a round white container and then adding a white box shadow, but the color of the beginning of the shadow and the background color of the...

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-webkit-touch-callout equivalent for IE

Using the Surface, it is possible to hold your finger on a link and get an option to copy it. This is undesired behavior for me. This can be disabled in iOS with:

-webkit-touch-callout: none;

does anyone know how to disable it for IE ?

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LESS - Using a Guard on a Nested Mixin

I'm working on a set of buttons using LESS and I've run into a situation which I cannot seem to find a solution. Basically, I have a mixin that I'm applying to the .button class which has the normal state and a hover state declared within the mixin...

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White Border Showing Up when No border Set

I have a strange 1px white line showing up on my index page. I've searched through code and I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

You can see it here - at the bottom right before the text starts. I could post the CSS source but...

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jQuery Syntax issue - css and multiple background positioning

I'm trying to adjust the background position of one of two backgrounds on <body> using CSS3's multiple background property. I need to update a position with jQuery and I'm very stuck! I have the integer in a variable but it won't work, I think my...

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CSS to span column height to window height?

I want to make the left and right column span to the window height and give the user a scrollbar to independently scroll the two columns. How can I do this?

I've been trying min-height: 100% and height: 100% but it doesn't seem to work no matter...

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How do I rewrite this to use the compass functions?

Can anyone help me rewrite this using the compass functions?

-webkit-transition: opacity .15s ease, -webkit-transform .15s ease
-moz-transition: opacity .15s ease, -moz-transform .15s ease
-o-transition: opacity .15s ease, -o-transform .15s ease


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How do I make my CSS footer stay at the bottom of the site on mobile browsers?

My website footer works perfectly in all browsers except on an IPads, IPhones, and Android phones. Essentially, On mobile devices, the footer is not at the bottom of the site as it should be. Here is the css for the footer:

.Footer { width: 100%;...

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CSS: background-size: cover; Strange behaviour in Firefox18 - it appends to parent relative positioned element of a parent absolute positioned element

Today I have found a strange behaviour with Firefox 18.0.2. Even an update to FF19.0 didn't help.

I had the need to create thumbs with a dynamic size keeping a specific aspect ratio. Possibly there are other better solutions as the following...

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CSS3 transition: tilt/rotate slightly while moving, then restore to horizontal

Is it possible, using CSS transitions, to tilt (rotate) an element slightly off-horizontal during the first half of its movement--and tilt it back to horizontal during the second half, as it reaches the end of its movement? I don't want a 360-degree...

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Mozilla flexbox behavior different to webkit and ie

I try to realize a vertical list of items which wraps them on overflow and results in a horizontally scrollable list. I want to use flexbox to achieve this.

Webkit and IE produces the expected output. Not so Firefox. Please see this Example:


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HTML5 Canvas with rounded corner

I'd like to have an HTML5 canvas with rounded corner. I'm using the CSS property border-radius: 15px to round my corners.

But, when I draw something in the corner of my canvas, I can draw in the corner.

At the beginning:

What I have:

What I...

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Opacity on elements with background image such as input field in IE7-IE8

I can't seem to get this working, although it should be possible in theory, I'm trying this for over a week now, but it's just doesn't work in IE7 or IE8, works as intended in FF, Chrome, Safari...

Code on fiddle =


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how to put an iframe with 'transform:scale' to the left side

So I have this iframe and without any 'transform:scale' css it displays on top-left side of the div but after I add


to its css property It automatically scales it self to the center which I really...

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How to add rounded borders to rounded images (made rounded with border-radius)

I've set profile images to show "rounded". In order to achieve that I've set border-radius to 50%.

When I try to add a border to that rounded image, (ie. border:1px black solid;), it doesn't follow the rounded pattern, but it just add a border to the...

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@font-face Fonts Cropped When Using CSS3 keyframe Animations

I have four absolutely positioned divs that fade in and move using a css3 @-webkit-keyframe animation. What I've noticed is that some serifs and descenders of the @font-face I'm using get cropped at the automatically calculated edge of the div. (I'm...

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Animation of images in css3

I want to change opacity of a background image (both the images are same), but the changing should be of 30 to 45 degree

Also this animate front image to background image then again the backgroung image to front image

Two images are:

enter image description here and enter image description here

I want...

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images gets weird height on iphone

This is very strange.. If you load my page on an iphone the height of the images gets verrry heigh. But it works fine on a computer or a nexus 7 (= the pictures gets 100% of its parent). Can anyone help me figure out why? here is the css (all that...

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Is there a way to create a complex polygon shape from any image in CSS for use in regions property?

I'm trying to find a way to convert any black image into a polygon shape.

The problem I'm trying to solve consists of two steps:

  1. Convert image into a polygon
  2. Fill the polygon with text

I'm struggling with the first step. As I haven't found any...

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IE 7-8 Css html mistake

Please check this page in IE7 or IE8. I could not find where is the mistake. it works on Firefox and Chrome with no error.

Do you have any suggestion?

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How to create horizontal menu using json object?

I have a json object like

var data = [
        "parent": "Home",
        "child": [

        {"parent": "Services",
        "child": [

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Div's within another div not visible

I am trying to get some CSS3 effects on my site what I tried to do is this :


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="animate.css">
<div class="header">

<div class="header_box1">
<div class="small_header_box">2222222222 </div>

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